These Terms and Conditions regulate the NH Rewards Loyalty Programme (hereafter, ‘the Programme’), owned by NH Hotel Group, S.A. with registered offices in Madrid, C/ Santa Engracia nº 120, and Tax ID number A-28027944 (hereafter, ‘NH’).

These terms and conditions specify how the Programme operates, as well as the process for members of the Programme (hereafter, ‘the Member’ or ‘the Members’) to earn and redeem points. Members shall at all times have access to the up-to-date and valid general terms and conditions which regulate the Programme (hereafter, ‘Terms and Conditions’), by looking at the NH website, in order to at all times be fully informed of the Terms and Conditions applicable to them as Members, and of which they declare to have knowledge.

By expressly accepting said Terms and Conditions or, where relevant, by accepting them without the need for a conventional signature, the Member declares to have knowledge of the content of the same and to remain subject to them for the duration of their membership of the Programme.

The Member may benefit from the advantages inherent in the Programme only in those hotels and for the services and rates included at any given point in the Programme (the list of hotels included in the Programme is available by clicking on this link)

NH reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, and to modify the list of hotels, services and rates included in the Programme. Said new Terms and Conditions will be made available to the Member in the same way and form as these Terms and Conditions.

NH may add “participating companies” (hereinafter Partners) to the Programme. These Partners will make particular services available to the members of their own loyalty programmes, the use of which may earn points or benefits exclusive to NH Rewards Members. The conditions that apply to each product/service offered by each Partner and the points or exclusive benefits associated to the NH Rewards programme must be consulted by members prior to carrying out actions that earn/redeem NH Rewards points.

The Programme is regulated with immediate effect by these Terms and Conditions, and it is expressly declared that any previous general terms and conditions of the Programme are hereby cancelled and become null and void.

2. Programme Membership

2.1. Enrollment process

Enrollment in the Programme is free.

Any person over the age of 18 may sign up for the Programme, once they have read and accepted its terms and conditions of participation through the channels that NH has enabled for this purpose at any time.

The channels for requesting enrollment in the Programme and for enjoying the advantages associated with it, are as follows:
- the website: go to and complete the registration form online.
- hotels participating in the Programme: complete a printed form and send it to one of the participating hotels.
- the NH Customer Care Call Centers: giving your express consent to be enrolled into the Programme.
- or any other means made available by NH in which the customer can give their express consent to enrollment in the Programme

You must have a valid personal email address in order to be able to enroll in the Programme. The same email address for two or more partners will not be accepted.

2.2. Members and Co-members/Joint members of the Programme.

Any person over the age of 18 may be a Member or, as may be the case, a Co-member of the Programme.

Only the Member may apply for a person to join as Joint Member and to earn Points on the same account. The Joint Member may be registered either at the same time as or after the Member enrolls, by completing the relevant form available to them

(i) By requesting it from the NH Rewards Customer Care Center (

To register the Joint Member, both the Member and the Joint Member must expressly accept the General Conditions. Under no circumstances may a Co-member request the enrollment of another Co-member.

Members and Joint Members will have identical rights and obligations regarding the benefits of the Programme and earning and redeeming Points, and will be subject to the rate and benefits of the category to which they each belong. Likewise, as regards the categorization process, nights collected by the Member and Joint Member will be calculated separately

If a Co-member requests to be removed from the account of a Member, the points accumulated by both clients will be reflected in the Member's account.

2.3. NH Rewards Categories

NH Rewards customers have a personal, non-transferable account number which will identify them with their personal data, and allow them to participate in the Programme, information on which they customer will have available on their virtual card. NH reserves the right not to issue physical Cards.

There are four categories of card in the Programme, depending on hotel nights the Member/Co-member has accumulated in the Programme's participating hotels during the period between 1 January and 31 December of each year (hereafter, ‘the Period’).

During the first quarter of each period, the Programme categories will undergo a general review process, with calculation of the nights collected during the previous calendar year. If a change of category is required, the benefits associated with the new category will become available as soon as the Categorization is changed. This process with exclude the following, which will not be calculated for any reason: group rates, meeting and conference, long stay, air crew, travel agent and NH employee rates. Each category will have the right to certain benefits, described on the website

Notwithstanding the foregoing, customers who have collected the number of nights required to upgrade to the next category with rates eligible for earning and/or redeeming points, will reach their new level automatically without having to wait for the end of the period. These customers can enjoy their new superior category until 31 December of the following year .

NH reserves the right to amend the list of eligible rates. This list can be consulted through NH Rewards Members’ Customer Service Centre or in hotels that are part of the Programme.

The programme shall grant the following categories on the basis of the following criteria:

- NH Rewards Blue: New Members are assigned to this category
- NH Rewards Silver: Members who have collected 6 to 20 nights during the Period are assigned to this category
- NH Rewards Gold: Members who have collected 21 to 40 nights during the Period are assigned to this category.
- NH Rewards Platinum: Members who have collected more than 40 nights during the Period are assigned to this category.

NH reserves the right, at its discretion, to assign any of these categories and other exceptional benefits to groups of clients which, due to their scope of work or influence, might be considered appropriate without these having to comply with the terms and conditions reflected here.

2.4. Shareholders of the NH Group

Members of the NH Rewards Programme who are also NH Shareholders may upgrade their category as follows: (i) to the NH Rewards Gold category if they hold a block of shares to a value of up to 3,000 Euros; or (ii) to the NH Rewards Platinum category if they hold a block of shares to a value equal to or greater than 3,000 Euros.

In order to enable the upgrading of a category, Members must prove their status as a Shareholder by sending their securities account certificate by email to In the event that this is not verified, NH reserves the right not to change the category. In the event that a Member sells the NH shares, this must be notified again, so that the appropriate category can be evaluated. NH shall review the status of each shareholder periodically and reserves the right of Categorization.


The Programme shall entitle the Member and Co-member to enjoy the advantages, once they are identified as members of the Programme. These advantages include being able to earn and redeem points for services, as well as benefiting from exclusive advantages, depending on their NH Rewards category. Members can view the advantages associated with their card level on Details of the benefits are as follows:

a) Earning points on the total net value of the invoice, provided that the services used are those managed by NH and that they are associated with the invoice for the stay.
b) Redeeming points to pay for stays, breakfast and/or restaurant services included in the Programme and associated with a stay in hotels belonging to NH.
c) Enjoying the advantages, benefits and exclusive promotions of the Programme, depending on the category.

Benefits cannot be added to other Loyalty Programmes or cards in force in NH Hotels or in the NH Group.
Any benefits referring to exclusive NH Rewards rates or any other NH loyalty programme will only apply to bookings made directly at, through Central Reservations or at an NH Hotel.

In the case of NH partner agreements with other external loyalty programmes (airlines, etc.), Members may choose which programme they will benefit from during their Hotel stay.

The advantages of the NH Rewards programme are granted solely to natural persons who will personally take advantage of their membership benefits. Legal persons may not enroll in the programme, nor may they accumulate any type of advantage including points issued for stays or services used.

3.1. Points
The currency of the Programme is the NH Rewards Point (hereinafter the Point), which has a value equivalent to 1 Euro on services redeemable within the Programme. Earning and redeeming points is done personally by the Member. Points are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for money or other goods other than those specified in the Programme. 

  • Earning Points

Points are collected on the basis of a percentage of the net amount of the invoice for each stay by the Member at NH, according to these General Conditions, without including VAT or other relevant taxes.

Points can be earned on stays (up to 3 rooms per member for each stay) and extra services used during stays when associated with the Programme, at different rates and with specific limitations and restrictions for each hotel and reservation.

Points will be collected by the Member or Joint Member identified as the main guest for the stay.

Basic points per stay will be credited to the holder’s account once the invoice is issued and paid up on check out. In the case of a client no-shows, the collection of points both basic or promotional will not be credited to the account.

New members, once signed up to the programme, will begin to earn NH Rewards points from their second stay in a participating hotel on-wards. 

The percentage of accumulated Points awarded will differ depending on the Member's/Co-member's NH Rewards category

Earning percentages on accommodation invoiced:

- NH Rewards Blue Members can be awarded 5.5% in points for each net item invoiced.
- NH Rewards Silver Members can be awarded 6% in points for each net item invoiced.
- NH Rewards Gold Members can be awarded 6.5% in points for each net item invoiced.
- NH Rewards Platinum Members can be awarded 7% in points for each net item invoiced.

Earning percentages on extra services invoiced:

- NH Rewards Blue Members can be awarded 3% in points for each net item invoiced.
- NH Rewards Silver Members can be awarded 3.6% in points for each net item invoiced.
- NH Rewards Gold Members can be awarded 3.9% in points for each net item invoiced.
- NH Rewards Platinum Members can be awarded 4.2% in points for each net item invoiced.

The following roundings will be made on each eligible item’s net invoice amount in relation to earning Points:

- When the value contains a decimal equal to or lower than 5, it will be rounded down.
- When the value contains a decimal higher than 5, it will be rounded up.

All Basic Points earned through stays and extra services will be valid for 18 months after collection. Notwithstanding the foregoing in relation to points earned during promotional campaigns (promotional Points), NH reserves the right to apply different expiry periods depending on the features of each promotion.

Expiry of Points
Each Basic Point earned through stays and extra services are valid for 18 months from the date that they were obtained.
Notwithstanding the foregoing in relation to points earned during promotional campaigns (promotional Points), NH reserves the right to apply different expiry periods depending on the features of each promotion.

Expiry of Basic Points for Silver, Gold and Platinum Categories
For Silver, Gold or Platinum categories, each time a client undertakes a transaction whereby they earn and/or redeem basic points (the “Movement of Basic Points”), the expiry of the effective balance of basic points stated in your account at that time (the “Basic Points Balance”) will be renewed, so that, after the Movement of Basic Points, the validity of the total Balance of Basic Points shall be 18 months from the date of the Movement of Basic Points.

If 18 months have elapsed since the last Movement of Basic Points without the client having undertaken any movement of additional points (earned and/or redeemed), the points earned will expire definitively.

The above does not apply for (i) points earned in promotional campaigns (promotional points); and/or (ii) basic and promotional points earned by Blue clients

If a Silver client drops to Blue category, the basic points movements (earned and/or redeemed) which they undertake as Blue clients will not renew the expiry of their Basic Points Balance, so that their Basic Points Balance will maintain the expiry date stated in their account.

Rates eligible for earning Points

All rates earn points for each room except for group, meeting and conference, air crew, travel agent, long-stay and NH employee rates. Also excluded are all bookings made through online sales channels outside the NH channel or through intermediaries.

NH reserves the right to amend the list of eligible rates. This list can be consulted through NH Rewards Members’ Customer Care Center or in hotels that are part of the Programme.

Extra services eligible for earning Points

Points are earned on extra services provided they are associated with a stay, managed directly by NH and offered in hotels belonging to the Programme.

Extra services are defined as:

- Extra room services: use of the mini bar and room service.
- Restaurant Services: at NH restaurants participating in the programme. Special occasions, weddings, banquets, open bars, cocktails, shows or catering, groups and companies, sports clubs, coffee breaks associated with events, room hire and equipment for events and conventions are excluded.
- Other services: High-speed Wi-Fi, connection to the Business Centre, pay TV and telephone, as long as they are not associated with an event, Parking and leisure and well-being services (spa, sauna, gym, golf practice) with the exception of services provided by entities other than NH.

  • Redeeming Points

Points can be redeemed for free hotel nights or discounts on accommodation and services at hotels participating in the Programme. Customers can pay with points starting from a minimum of 10 points.

Points can also be transferred to other Programme members or donated to NH partner associations.

a. Redeeming points for overnight stays and restaurant services.

Points can be redeemed on rooms at all rates except for group, prepaid, meeting and conference, long stay, air crew, and travel agent rates. Also excluded are all bookings made through online sales channels outside the NH channel or through intermediaries.

Points are redeemed on the final value spent (excluding local tax). Customers have the option for “Mixed Payment”, which allows for payment with both cash and Points.

Points can only be redeemed from one account, regardless of whether the Member pays partly or fully in Points, and using a minimum of 10 Points.

In any case, only one NH Rewards account can be associated with each stay, and the Member must be registered on booking.

On redemption, Points are valued at one Euro per point. In mixed payment, only one type of currency will be allowed for each redemption, using the daily exchange rate on our system.

List of extra services eligible for redeeming points

Points may be redeemed on these services provided that they are associated with a stay, for which the rate and the channel are eligible for redemption, and in establishments which are managed directly by NH. 

  • Extra room services: Points can be used to pay for accommodation services such as the mini bar and room service.
  • Restaurant services: managed by hotels participating in the Programme. This does not include restaurant services for groups, weddings, banquets, open bars, cocktails, sports teams or companies, room hire, or food and drink associated with events, special occasions or conferences.
  • Other services: High-speed Wi-Fi, connection to the Business Centre, pay TV and telephone, as long as they are not associated with an event, and leisure and well-being services (spa, sauna, gym, golf practice) with the exception of services provided by entities other than NH.

Likewise, whenever points are used to pay an invoice where there are decimals, the next higher whole number will be redeemed. For example: 135.80 euros invoiced = 136 points
The Member is directly responsible for the payment of any taxes which could accrue as a result of operations charged to Points.

Points from the Programme cannot be converted or transferred to other current NH programmes.

b. Donations

Members or Joint Members may make donations to organisations which partner with NH, which are published in the NH Rewards private area on the website, in the “Donations” section.

Each request for donation should be made by completing the form in the Members' area.

The minimum donation is 30 basic Points, as long as they are valid for more than 30 days, and the maximum will be the available balance in the NH Rewards account. Promotional points may not be donated. Under no circumstances shall donations earn new Points.

Once the transaction has been authorized in accordance with the online process set up for this purpose, the Member and/or Co-member shall lose their right to the quantity donated and can make no further claim against NH.

The value of the Point indicated on the request for donation can vary depending on the fixed conditions at any time during the period of validity of the Agreement between NH and the NGO. NH agrees to inform the Member as soon as possible of any changes to the exchange value of the Point without the Member having any claim against NH in this matter.

Contributions to organizations partnering with NH are no tax deductible as it is NH who have entered into the agreement with the partner.

c. Transfers

The Member/Co-member may transfer their Points to one or more persons, provided that this person or persons are participants in the Programme or they are enrolled in the Programme. Each Points transfer request should be made by contacting the NH Rewards Customer Care Center (

Points will be transferred immediately if the recipient is a Member or Joint Member of the Programme. If this is not the case, the recipient will be asked to register on the programme within 30 days, in order to be able to transfer the points gifted. If, after this period of time, the recipient has not enrolled in the Programme, the operation will be cancelled and the points shall be reimbursed to the account of the Member/Co-member.

Once the transaction has been authorized, the Member and/or Co-member shall lose their right to the quantity donated and can make no further claim against NH. Transferred points must be valid for more than one month after the date of transfer and will retain the original validity, therefore the recipient must use them before they expire.

The minimum transfer amount is 30 basic points, and the maximum is the total available balance in the NH Rewards account, as long as these are valid for more than 30 days. Promotional points may not be transferred. Under no circumstances shall the transfer of points earn new Points.

  • Claiming Points
Points, and the right to claim them, are subject to a system of expiry.

Thus the right to request having unregistered Points automatically accumulated onto the card shall expire 3 months after the services which generated the right to earn Points have been used. In the same way, promotional points not automatically registered can be claimed up to 1 month after the date when they should have been registered.

In each case, in order for the request to be effectively managed and the claim to take effect, documentation must be provided evidencing the use of services giving rise to the generation of Points; the invoice authenticating the services used must therefore be sent via email to

If at any time the service of earning and/or redeeming Points is interrupted due to a failure in communications in circumstances beyond the control of NH or due to system improvements, the Member has the right to request evidence of unrecorded Points, but may not benefit from programme services until communications are restored.


There are limits with regard to earning and using Points. Members shall at all times have access to the updated list of Hotels included in the Programme at any given time, by clicking on this link to the NH website, or by calling +34 91 398 44 38, as well as in the Hotels themselves or through other communication channels intended for the Member. The rates and services which allow you to earn and redeem points can be checked on the telephone line detailed above.


Once the user has enrolled as a Member of the Programme, they can access the private pages of the Programme website, as long as correct identification is provided.

By accessing the private pages of the Programme, the Member and/or Joint Member can: see virtual card, Points balance, see details of their most recent transactions in earning and redeeming Points, make donations and transfers, amend their personal details, make bookings, find out information on the Programme, and all other operations made available by NH to the Member and/or Joint Member.

NH accepts no responsibility whatsoever for unauthorized access by a third party to the Members' area of the Programme website nor for any fraudulent use that the Member/Co-member may make of data or information.


The Programme does not use physical cards. In the event of loss or damage to previously issued Silver, Gold and Platinum cards, the Member and/or Joint Member will be able to use their virtual card from the private area of the website or App. In the event of robbery or theft of the Card, the Member and/or Co-member agree to notify the Customer Care Center for NH Rewards Members of the theft.

NH accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the fraudulent use that third parties, unauthorized by the Member and/or Co-member, can make of the card and to the accumulated benefits on it.


Membership in the Programme has no expiry date, but the account may be cancelled together with membership in the Programme for any of the following reasons:

a) At the request of the Member
Members may at any time withdraw their participation as a member of the NH Rewards Programme. To do this, they must send their written request to withdraw from the programme via email to, providing the following information: their NH Rewards customer number, a form of identification and the email address associated with their NH Rewards account. This voluntary cancellation will involve the automatic loss of all points and benefits from the point at which the card is deactivated and that Member status is lost. (The Member may donate Points pursuant to the Terms and Conditions set out in the Donations section).

b) At the request of NH:
NH reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently cancel the membership of any Member of this Programme for any of the following reasons:
- When the Member has not made use of the products and services offered by NH for a period of 12 months and/or if there have been no earning transactions, redemptions or donations (in the terms and conditions set out in the Donations section).
- When improper or fraudulent use has been made of the Programme: breach of Terms and Conditions, payment irregularity or inappropriate conduct in the hotel, notwithstanding claims for damages which could be filed by NH.
- In the event of force majeure or due to legal, governmental or any other type of enforcement which makes it necessary to cancel the Programme.
- When required to do so for reasons of NH corporate strategy.
- Due to the death or disappearance of the Cardholder Member if there is no Co-member.

In all of the aforementioned cases, the Member shall automatically lose the right to use the Card and the advantages associated with the Programme, losing all the Points accumulated on the Points account. In the event of cancellation due to NH corporate strategy, a period of 6 months will be granted to Members for the sole purpose of redeeming their Points, with the subsequent forfeiture of earning points and of the associated benefits and advantages.

In each and all of the cases listed under heading b) above, this being a Programme which is free for the Member, the latter expressly waives their right to damages against NH due to cancellation of the Card and/or the Programme.

Without prejudice to the removal of the Member, the Co-member may continue to maintain the active account and do so as the Member of the account; consequently they may request the registration of the other person as a new Co-member on the account.

The sale or bartering of Cards or advantages of the Programme is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate cancellation of the Card and of participation in the Programme.


NH shall not be responsible for:

a). the use and/or intended use of the Card and of the accumulated Points by the Member and/or Co-member;
b). any failure of the Cardholder Member and/or Co-member to comply with the stated obligations;
c). any deficiency, failure in the accumulation of Points, in data processing, etc., which is not directly attributable to NH or which is outside of NH's reasonable control;
d). any indirect or consequential damage caused to the Member and/or Co-member that could result from the use of the Card or from any of the advantages or services provided pursuant to the present conditions;
e). any damages arising from misuse of the Card by the Member and/or Co-member pursuant to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions;
f) the reliability, availability and continuity of the services made available online to the Member and Co-member, thus excluding any liability for damages of any kind which may arise from a lack of availability, reliability or continuity of its website or its services, although it will try to facilitate, to the extent of its capabilities, technical support for the person affected;
g). NH does not undertake to control and does not have any prior control over viruses or elements contained within them which may alter the software or hardware of the user or of persons visiting the web pages and will therefore not be liable for damages of any kind which may arise from the same.


This paragraph provides information on protection of data belonging to NH Rewards account holders.


NH Hotel Group, S.A., at Calle Santa Engracia 120, 28003 Madrid, with NIF (Tax ID) A28027944.
You may contact us by email at


We hereby inform you that data provided by Members is processed by NH for the following purposes, given the nature of the NH Rewards Programme:

(i) I. To manage the Loyalty Programme and process your application for membership, to assign your member number, your access codes to your private area online and to allow you to earn and redeem your points.
(ii) To customize Loyalty Programme services to Members’ preferences and tastes, and to get feedback on the service provided in our hotels. This may include sending surveys on quality and the tailoring and customisation of services provided by NH.
(iii) To send communications relating to your account, including but not limited to, points balance, category of your card, notifications and anything else which will keep you informed about the status of your account
(iv) To send customized commercial communications via email or equivalent methods, about offer and services relating to the Programme, unless you object to such processing.

In order to correctly provide the services offered by NH, the following categories of data will be processed:

  • Identifying data: name, surname, ID card, signature, address, nationality.
  • Personal data: date of birth, gender.
  • Contact data: email address, telephone number.
  • Identification codes or keys of the user and/or member.
  • Transactions for goods and services in NH HOTEL GROUP: Products and services purchased or those about which you have expressed interest.
  • Stay preferences
  • Navigation data

In any case, NH Rewards Members guarantee and meet the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided, and commit to keep these duly updated. NH will not process data belonging to anyone under the age of 18 in relation to the loyalty programme.

The authority for the aforementioned processing shall be, on the one hand, execution of the contract signed by both parties, for customizing services, management of the programme, as well as for sending the card (only for certain categories), while the consent of the member will be the basis for sending commercial communication. The data requested from the Member on the registration form are required in order to correctly provide the services of the Programme and therefore failure to provide them will result in it being impossible to provide these services. In those cases where data is requested which is not obligatory, this will be indicated in the same form.

Entities participating in the NH Rewards Programme, all those engaged in the hotel sector, as this access is necessary for the correct provision of services linked to the NH Rewards Programme, so that they know the conditions of your stay (price, dates, services included, etc.) and information about your accounts, balance, points and your category, some of which may be located outside the European Economic Area (including in countries where there is no comparable level of protection) as this access is necessary for conducting their normal business. All these entities can be found via this link.

We hereby inform you that your data will be transferred to third-party countries located outside of the European Economic Area, and specifically to the USA, India and the Philippines. The aforementioned transfer will be made as a result of the services provided to NH HOTEL GROUP by Accenture with regard to the management of the back office relating to the company's invoicing. In this regard, we hereby inform you that this will be regulated by means of standard contractual clauses which have been previously authorized by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The personal data provided will be retained for the duration of the contractual relationship and, once this is finished, for the duration of the limitation period for legal actions which may result from it.

In order for you to enjoy all the benefits, you agree to us sending you updates, promotions and offers that best suit your profile, via different channels including electronic means, as well as communication about your points balance, points and categories in the Programme, promotions and offers from our NH Rewards Partners. Within our commitment to your privacy, you are reminded that you may access the Terms and Conditions of the programme at any time by visiting the following address, and can object to being sent commercial communications, via the link provided for that purpose in each of them, or by sending an email to

In the event that the Member, at any time, provides data on third parties, this must be with their consent and the member undertakes to transmit the information contained in this clause, as well as informing NH of any change or update concerning this data.

NH has adopted all the technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security of personal data and to avoid any alteration, loss, unauthorized processing or access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which these are exposed, whether originating from human actions or from physical or natural influences. The Member is responsible for the strict confidentiality of your user password, and for access to our website or NH Rewards service or its use by you or anyone using your password (previously provided to them), whether or not this access or use is authorized by you, or on your behalf, and whether this person is your employee, relative or agent. You hereby agree (i) to inform us immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account, or any other security breach and (ii) to guarantee that you will log out at the end of every session. The Member is solely responsible for monitoring the distribution and use of your password, access to and use of your account, and for informing us of your wish to close your account.

By writing to the email address with the Reference “Data Protection”, and attaching a photocopy or scan of a piece of identification you may, at any time and free of charge, exercise the following rights:

  • Revoke your consent for the processing and communication of your personal data.
  • Obtain information about whether or not your personal data has been processed.
  • Access your personal data.
  • Correct inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Request the deletion of your personal data when, for any reason, the data is no longer necessary for the purposed for which it was obtained.
  • Limit the processing of your data when any of the conditions provided for in the data protection regulations is met.
  • Under certain circumstances, and for reasons relating to their personal situation, interested parties can object to the processing of their data.
  • Request the portability of your data.
  • Make a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, at the following address: Calle de Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid, if you consider that the Responsible Party has violated the rights recognised by the data protection regulations.
The interested party can contact the Data Protection Officer of the Responsible Party: - E-mail: - Address: C/Santa Engracia 120, 7º, 28003 Madrid


The General Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Spanish law. NH Hotel Group and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, are subject to the user's local courts for any dispute arising from use of the Programme. In the event that the user is resident outside Spain, and there is no regulation to establish another jurisdiction, NH Hotel Group and the user are subject, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts of the city of Madrid (Spain).

September 2018