FASTPASS, get power over your stay now

NH Hotel Group presents FASTPASS: 3 new services to get the power over your stay

Every time you choose NH… you get the power

At NH Hotels, we know that today’s modern traveler is more self-sufficient than ever. That’s why we are introducing FASTPASS, a new way to travel that prioritizes your experience and preferences above all else.
FASTPASS is the innovative combination of three new digital services from NH Hotel Group which offer you maximum control over your stay: Online Check-in, Choose your room, and Online Check-out. These services are accessible through the NH APP from mobile devices, and from our Website via any other device. They are also easy to use, and give you control over your stay from start to finish. What’s more, they are completely free of charge. The result? Maximum efficiency, minimum fuss.
For members of our NH Rewards Loyalty program, using our new FASTPASS service will be even easier. Take advantage of your pre-loaded details to save time with no need to fill out additional information.

The power to choose your room

Cherry-pick your room for greater control over your stay

For a truly personalized stay, our online check-in process includes the new Choose your room option so that you can opt for one that is right for you. Simply start by selecting your preferences: internal or external view, the ideal bed size for a good night’s sleep, and even whether you want a bath or shower. By choosing ahead of time, you guarantee yourself a room where you will enjoy all the comforts you value at home.

Then, we have taken things one step further. With our floorplan view, you can select the specific room you want before setting foot in the hotel. Would you like to be located close to the elevator to minimize walking distance? No problem. Would you prefer to be on the second floor, or maybe the fifth? It’s up to you. Simply check for available rooms that match your preferences and opt for the one you like the best.

The power to skip queues with Online Check-in

Avoid queues and enjoy a smooth and easy arrival

With online check-in, you can complete the check-in process from 48 hours prior to your stay until 12pm on the day you arrive. 48 hours before arrival, you will receive an email with a link to complete the efficient, online check-in process wherever and whenever suits you.

1) Fill out your personal information (or just log in if your are a NH Rewards member)

2) Select your arrival time
3) Choose your room
4) Enter your payment details to guarantee your reservation
..and you are done!

Once your online check-in is complete, arriving at the hotel couldn’t be easier. In some of our hotels, you will find a Priority Desk that is specifically available for guests who have chosen to check in online: all you need to do is register your arrival and collect your room key. The arrival process is now faster, easier, and more efficient… and you can say goodbye to queues at the reception desk!
With no more lengthy check-in, our team can focus on welcoming you to your hotel and destination. From here on out, it’s time to enjoy your stay. 

Available now in most of our NH hotels in Europe, and coming soon worldwide. Check if you’ll already have the power on your next stay here.

The power to leave faster with Online Check-out

When it is time to leave the hotel, choose our online check-out service for a last day that offers full control of your departure time and schedule. You will be offered the option to take full advantage of this service on your arrival.

Settle your bill from the comfort of your room – or from the top of the Empire State!

At 6pm the day before you leave, you will receive an email inviting you to do your check-out online if you’re staying in one of our hotels located in Belgium, Holland, Germany or Spain.
Simply complete the process at your convenience from the comfort of your room: check the details and charges, confirm your payment information, and select your departure time. You will also receive your invoice by email right away, so the information you need will always be at hand.
Then, put it out of your mind as you enjoy your last evening with us.

Streamline your final morning

By completing your check-out online, leaving the hotel is made even easier.
Once you are packed and ready to go, simply leave your room key in your room, close the door behind you, and get on with the next part of your day with no need to stop at reception.
Whether you are on your way to a meeting or the airport, skipping queues at the check-out desk guarantees you a final morning that fits in with your plan.

Make your trip a powerful one with FASTPASS and get the power of your stay.