NH Experience

Discover how the NH Experience is designed to provide maximum flexibility, efficiency, and comfort to our guests. From the customization that our FastPass service provides, to our comprehensive city guides that let you explore like a local; it’s always a pleasure to stay with us.

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FastPass is our completely digital and hassle-free service, providing you with maximum flexibility and control over your stay. You’ll be able to do both online check-in and check-out as well as decide on specific preferences for your room, all from the NH App.

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City Connection

Stay in one hotel, enjoy them all. City Connection provides our guests an extensive network in which they can enjoy all our ideally located hotels in the city, for maximum convenience. Stop in to take a break, recharge your phone, connect to Wi-Fi, store luggage, and so much more. This service applies across all our NHH, NHC, nhow, Tivoli, and Avani hotel brands.

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