Hotels in Colombia

Colombia has much to offer to travelers. This bold and extensive country has both Pacific and the Caribbean coasts paired with culturally diverse heritage of a turbulent history since even before the arrival of the Spaniards. Discover our NH Hotels in Colombia!

If you are thinking of visiting the Café (coffee) Country, you can stay in some of the best and most modern equipped hotels in Colombia . In Bogotá experience the luxury of NH Collection in one of our 5 fantastically located hotels. NH Collection Bogotá Andino Royal, NH Collection Bogotá Hacienda Royal, NH Collection Bogotá Teleport Royal, NH Collection Bogotá Terra 100 Royal, NH Collection Bogotá WTC Royal offer ideal rooms, and incredible service. The capital is an ideal starting point for a tour of the country, with our hotels offering you all the comforts needed whether it be for business or pleasure.

Mingle with the Colombian people, known for their friendliness and hospitality. Colombia has a very outgoing and lively culture, and it’s common to receive invitations to dinner, a party or other celebrations.

Outside of Bogotá there’s so much more to see . Visit Medellin and stay at the NH Collection Medellín Royal enjoying the “city of eternal spring” then move on to Colonial and majestic Cartagena, home to the smallest NH Collection hotel: 9 room NH Collection Cartagena La Merced Royal , and to the NH Cartagena Urban Royal , a 28 room boutique hotel, you’ll feel completely at home in the city. Cartagena is known as one of the most beautiful cities in South America. This walled city is a delight for travelers who want to spend the day strolling through the cobbled streets admiring the colorful buildings and balconies. Experience Carnival in Barranquilla, a seaport in Northern Colombia and enjoy the luxury of NH Collection Barranquilla Smartsuites Royal or fly from Bogotá to Santiago de Cali and explore the pacific coast as well as the Valle del Cauca, and of course, the NH Cali Royal .
Every city has something to offer, enjoy a coffee route like no other place on earth, becomes one of their handicrafts or just stroll through streets full of joy and bustle. This complex miscegenation finds its expression not only in the traditions, crafts and Colombian cuisine, but also in the arts from architecture, painting and sculpture to literature, film and photography, through music, dance and theater.

Stay in some of the best hotels in Colombia and relax in an open and international environment while exploring traditional culture and gastronomy of these regions.